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Psychic Readings You Can Depend On

$35 The Palm Reading

The Palm Reading Will Connect To Your Aura Vibration & Color, How Others Perceive You & Your Personality And Characteristics, Does Tune Into Friendships, Love & Relationships, Finances Briefly.


For A LightHearted Reading Get the Palm!

$60 The Tarot Reading

The Tarot Reading Connects To The Present And The Next 3-6 Of The Future, Provides Insight & Guidance With The Help Of Your Spirit Guides And Angels To Answer Questions About Yourself & Direct Connections Around You!

The Tarot Is The Happy Medium Providing Enough Information For Ease of Mind Regarding Current Circumstances! 

$100 The Psychic Reading

The Psychic Reading Connects to Your Past Present & Up To 3 Years Into Your Future In-depth Insight On Fields Including Love & Relationships, Family, Finances & Career. This Reading Allows Us to Tap Into The Energy Of Others to See Their True Feelings Emotions and Intent Towards You. 

Answers Any Question with Time Frames & Details.

$150 The Combination Reading

The Combination Reading Uses Both Tarot & Psychic To Provide Insight From Your Spirit Guides & Angels As Well As The Accuracy And Longevity The Psychic Reading Supplies. With the Connection of Both Readings Dive into the unknown to Answer Any Question Regarding Yourself & Others for Direct Guidance, Answers & Timeframes!

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